The Game

Poem Background

As with most of the stuff I’m sharing, this was written in the 1979-80 school year as part of my Creative Writing (English 3101-1) class with Dr. Uma Parameswaran. I was also studying German at the time and remember finding it hilarious that “das Rathaus” — which immediately made me think the Rat House — translates to the City Hall. Both local and international politics were front and centre back then, as were relationships. These made for angst filled times on multiple levels. 🙂

The Game

by Warren Wojnowski

Running for office, open in the Fall
Working in das Rathaus, justice one an all.
Shuffling the cards, campaigning through the day,
Kissing little babies, pulling ace to play.

International meetings in the dead of night,
Gathering at the summit, reducing pregame fright.
Raking in the winnings, counting up the deadly toll,
Presenting ultimatums, riding on a roll.

Winning and losing mean something
In a black and white world,
But in grey, mean nothing,
A game only for high rollers.

Intimating contact, what stands to be lost,
Captivating emotion, toying at all cost.
Sneaking subtle glances, conscious of the play,
Cautiously romancing, no one wants to pay.

Playing silent movie, newcomer to the screen,
Gesturing as to script, staging final scene.
Snake eyes on dice roll, big tears hinting the end,
Scoring on rebound, the game is on again.