Sports Articles by Warren

I’ve been an avid sports fan most of my life.

I started out following the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as a kid, which is where I first cut my teeth as a fan. I would faithfully listen to every game on the radio, watch the games when they were televised, read every article in the newspaper, and listen to the Coach’s Show on the radio and even call in.

I was also a big hockey fan, watching Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday. When the World Hockey Association was born and Bobby Hull signed his contract to join the Winnipeg Jets, I was in heaven. The Jets were my team and I followed them with the same enthusiasm as the Bombers. I loved the WHA Jets, loved the NHL Jets 1.0, agonized over the loss of the Jets, and have grown to love the Jets 2.0.

Even though I was and still am a Winnipeg homer when it comes to sports, I also enjoy the NFL, NBA and other sports too.

So now that I’ve decided to start writing about the things I’m passionate, here’s where I’ll index the specific sports articles I write.

I realize it’s sparse right now, but give me some time. 🙂

Sports Articles by Warren

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