Post Memorandum: Original Poem by Warren

Original poem written in 1979. It’s entitle Post Memorandum.

Poem Background:

I actually wrote this one in 1979 while still in high school. My English teacher was the late, great Gerry Archer who was by far my favourite and most influential teacher in high school. He recognized some sort of flair in my writing and encouraged me to practice using it as a way to express myself … to see what comes out.

Well, this is an example of what came out. 🙂

Post Memorandum

by Warren Wojnowski

His face was creased and crinkled,
So senile and old,
Steadily shivering throughout the night,
As all he felt was cold.

Thoughts running through his mind,
Always his face remained grim,
Returned to him hollow memories,
How his life had been:

Promises to one, like the setting sun,
They become bright as day
And then fade away.

Worn love, like a fiery image of,
There is still light,
But the warmth is gone, despite.

Happy times, like many wines,
Taste sweet with vintage
And then turn sour.

He lay there, mind out of space,
Death wish written all over his face,
His look still grim as though he had wished
He were never a part of the whole human race,
But rather have existed some other time,
Some other place.