Will You Pray: Another Original Poem Posted by Warren

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My daughter seems to be entertained by some of my old writing and she pointed out to me that I haven’t posted anything new for a long time … You can blame it on her then as I’ve now added another old original poem from my collection: Will You Pray.

Here’s a snippet:

Watching while the mortals cry
I feel their pain
And then I laugh
at the final realization of
their lies.

Click here to read the full poem: Will You Pray

As I describe in the poem background, I was playing around with the theme of changing seasons and this was part of the experiment.

When I read it back now, some 36 years or so later, it’s one I barely remember anything about. I honestly don’t recall the writing process for this one at all, which is actually unusual for me.

For most of the poems and other stuff I’ve written over the years, I generally am able to remember what I was thinking about and what I was wanting to convey — even if I now think it’s utter rubbish (which much of it is).

But with this one … nada.

It kind of feels like it may have been a throwaway to get an assignment handed in at the time.

Give it a read: Will You Pray.