Stay of Amnesty: Newly Posted Original Poem by Warren

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I’ve posted another one of my original poems written during the 1980-81 school year. This one is entitled Stay of Amnesty and is actually one of the few things I wrote back then that I don’t now hate.

It was one of my first earnest attempt to provide some social commentary within a poem and references 4 explicit Canadian (I am Canadian, after all) and international events of the time.

Stay of Amnesty is also one of the few things I wrote back then for which I can still vividly recall the writing process. I literally wrote the whole thing in about an hour while sitting in the university cafeteria after lunch.

The way Dr. Parameswaran structured her creative writing class, we had writing assignments due several times a week. As a result, I got in the habit of writing every day after lunch during one of my free periods between classes.

Looking back, man the early 80s was a turbulent time. Cliche as this sounds, it’s astonishing to me how the more things change and the more humanity has supposedly evolved, the more things remain the same.

You can read the poem here: Stay of Amnesty

And remember, I’m being brave sharing this stuff … 😉