My Last Day

Poem Background

As with most of the stuff I’m sharing, this was written in the 1979-80 school year as part of my Creative Writing (English 3101-1) class with Dr. Uma Parameswaran at the University of Winnipeg.

There was quite a lot of economic, social and political turmoil going on back then and I’d say it comes through in the tone of this one. 😉

My Last Day

by Warren Wojnowski

Yesterday is my last day
When the sun shines bright and true
For soon it rains in Nature’s dismay
And mankind will lose its brilliant hue

Birds fly south never to return
To the land from which they hatched
While those of the wasteland fail to learn
The message the doves have dispatched

Salmon swim downstream towards the ocean
Leaving the waters from which they were spawned
As tragedy commences with one swift motion
And leaves a lingering stench which forever haunts

The brave wolf retreats in earnest
To the northmost sanctuary of his den
Turning away from a land where he once flourished
But where now the ox engineers his end

And, O, praise he, the stubborn ox
For he has crossed the forbidden boundaries with a devout flair
Those which even the most cunning fox
Would in his most brilliant moments have never dared

And yesterday was my last day
When the sun shined bright and true
But now it rains in Nature’s dismay
And mankind has lost its brilliant hue