Modern Communications: Original Poem by Warren

Original poem written during the 1979-80 school year, entitled Modern Communication.

Poem Background

Remember, this was in 1979-80 so there were no personal computers and no Internet. TV and radio ruled the day and mainstream media generally controlled what people thought they knew.

Clearly this piece is crying to be updated with some additional entries given the massive shift in communications over the past 35 years. 🙂

Modern Communications

by Warren Wojnowski

Radio, what a great new invention,
creates so many new sensations
as the DJ croons to his vocation.

Preaching the new eternal word,
gospel truth to one and all,
almost human he soon sounds
as he brings in each new dawn.

TV, what a great new invention,
a big part in modern education
as the new announcer finds salvation

Listing all the great new shows
for the degenerates to see,
almost human he soon appears
as he teaches them piety.