Mobile Marketing Strategy Pointers – How To Develop Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Local marketing for your business is about getting your message in front of your existing and prospective customers in a timely and effective fashion.  With the convergence of wireless and Internet technologies, perhaps the most effective way of promoting and marketing your small business is through mobile marketing … or you may want to think of it as a cell phone marketing campaign.

A mobile marketing campaign is neither difficult nor time consuming to set up.  In fact, it may very well be on the list of the least difficult and most cost-effective types of marketing you can put into action today.  However, it can also be a complete waste of time and resources unless you decide to use it to its fullest ability.

What follows are some key pointers that can help you take your mobile marketing and advertising plans to the next level:

Integrate contests or games into your mobile marketing campaign

Text message contests (“Text-to-Win”) have become quite popular with many small business owners.

This strategy involves employing the incentive of a prize draw that people can enter by sending a text message  from their cell phone to a designated SMS (Short Message Service) code. By doing this, they are entered into your contest or drawing for a chance to win a prize.  More importantly, you now have captured their mobile phone number so that you can keep marketing to them in the future.

Prize draws deliver really strong mobile marketing results because response is normally quick … and the confirmations tend to occur very rapidly as well. They also tend to help keep people engaged all the while helping you build your customer list.

Another reason these special offers work so well is because many people will bring their friends along with them thereby bringing you new prospective customers.  They also can be effective catalysts to creating word of mouth marketing promotions and are particularly powerful when it comes to generating news and anticipation for your business.

The main thing to remember regarding your contest is to ensure you are offering a compelling and attractive prize … this will ensure you get the maximum response — remember, your contest prize is the incentive to get people to text their information to you.  And don’t be misled into believing an “attractive prize” must equate to an “expensive” prize …  it just needs to be something your subscribers will view as appealing.

Create your own mobile phone club

When it comes to employing your mobile marketing strategy, text message groups (often known as Mobile Phone Clubs) are an easy way to establish client interaction while enhancing your marketing and sales communications. Invite customers to join your text message club in order to get regular text notifications about new products, in-store sales, and club members only special coupons.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, Mobile Clubs are a fantastic way to stay in touch with all your customers and keep them up to date regarding what is going on in your company.

Once you start a Mobile Club, you can send text message notifications (also called SMS Notifications), which provide quick texts notifying club members about news, special offers, etc.   When you are consistent about messaging, you will definitely keep bringing people back to your business on a regular basis.

Give some thought to it — are there any aspects of your small business that might genuinely benefit from a simple yet effective, real-time, conversational approach designed to develop customer commitment while boosting your revenue at the same time?

Utilize text polls and voting

Another twist on your mobile marketing strategy is to utilize text polls and text voting.

Do you need suggestions or perhaps ideas on your new product lines from your customers or the general public? Textual content voting may be your solution because it allows you to engage with customers and receive invaluable feedback about your products, future products, or even your customer’s in-store experience.

It’s often overlooked that the simplest way to find out what customers want is to ASK them.  Mobile marketing makes it possible for you to do this easily and efficiently.  Consumers tend to carry their mobile phones and devices with them wherever they go, so you can have quick access to results without having to wait days, weeks or even longer for the results of a more traditional survey.

In fact, people generally like to provide their thoughts and feedback on product or service which they pay for.   With text messaging, you can schedule your messages so they are timely and relevant to your customers.  Imagine receiving a text message a couple of hours after having made a purchase, thanking you for your business and asking if everything is satisfactory … how would that make you feel as a customer?

By permitting these people to actually vote on particular components of your small business, you build a level of trust and confidence with them that will take you and your business a long way.