Local Business Marketing is the New Online Marketing Trend

Local Business Marketing is one of the fastest growing online marketing trends.

Best of all, it’s a trend which is allowing smaller local businesses to successfully compete to attract and connect with customers online in a way that even two years ago would have generally been unimagined.


Because understanding how local consumers search and then optimizing for those search patterns is an easy way to get your business found online, without having to compete with large national competitors.

That’s the essence of local business marketing online.

The Internet has become the principal channel by which people search for local businesses and services. In fact, recent research suggests nearly 90% of consumers begin their search for local products and services on the Internet. People are now more inclined to use their favorite search engine instead of pulling out their copy of the Yellow Pages or some other phone book.

That means that if you don’t have a local Internet marketing presence, your business is missing out on connecting with potential customers. If your goal is to grow your business by continuing to attract new and repeat local customers, then establishing your local business marketing presence online is a necessity.

Nearly 90% of consumers begin their search for local products and services on the Internet … if you aren’t building a strong local business marketing presence, then you’re missing out on a substantial portion of your potential customer base.”

The Local Business Marketing Landscape has Changed

To get some appreciation for the degree to which the Internet and technology has impacted local business marketing and media, click on the video below:


Local Business Marketing is more than just having a website

Perhaps the most common misconception about local business marketing is that you need an elaborate website that costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to build.

That’s simply not true.

In fact, your website need not cost you a lot of money and there are terrific solutions available today that are also relatively simple for the layperson to maintain … so you don’t need to find yourself hijacked by an overpriced webmaster to maintain your website either.

Local business marketing is also about more than your website — and it’s about more than the Internet.

Your local business website is just one way in which people can find out about your products and services online. If it’s all you are relying upon, then you have but one chance to be found online.

A properly designed local business marketing strategy is more than just a website and it’s more than effective search engine optimization (SEO). Effective local business marketing creates multiple ways by which local consumers … who want your products and services … have the opportunity to discover you and your business.

A well thought out local business marketing strategy leverages offline marketing techniques, online marketing and mobile media trends as interconnected parts that support one another in helping you connect and build meaningful relationships with your current and prospective customers.