How To Create A Local Internet Marketing Campaign

A Local Internet Marketing Campaign can play a key role in growing your business and brand, in order to attract local consumers … and ultimately convert those local consumers into your customers.

However, local Internet marketing is more than simply having a website.  Rather, it means creating a marketing campaign that allows you to be findable in multiple places when a local consumer is looking for your product or service.

Local Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Internet Marketing is still marketing … and marketing is essentially communicating your business and its product or services to existing and potential customers. Its purpose is to create interest while identifying the key benefits and/or features that are unique to your company.  However, as valuable as  Internet marketing can be, it can present serious hurdles when it comes to reaching your intended (target) consumer.

Traditional offline marketing channels often broadcast or print your message where many potential consumers may receive it, but it will be of interest to only a subset of viewers.  Think of something such as a Super Bowl ad or the front section of your newspaper as examples.

But over time, advertisers want the ability to become more specific in terms of the audience to which they send their message.

As a result, marketing has slowly become more centred on specific demographics, enabled largely by improvements in communication … especially the Internet.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and look at a couple more local marketing examples.

It’s relatively easy to develop marketing campaigns that focus on certain locations, such as advertising in a neighbourhood newspaper.  Or, you may want to target a specific demographic such as, for example, advertising your fitness center on a healthy living website.

However, in either case, it can still be difficult to reach viable consumers — consumers who turn into buyers — mainly because of the constraints posed by location.

Location-based marketing is the missing ingredient.  Without it, over 90 percent of Internet ad impressions are wasted on consumers who are outside your geographic area.

Fortunately, technology has now advanced to allow for geo-location marketing.

For instance, smart phones allow marketers to obtain device-location data.  Modern search engines, such as Google, enable consumers to find what they need based entirely on what is close to them. For an example of this, simply search for “chiropractor” or “dentist” in Google and note the number of “local” results displayed back to you based on your IP address location.

The up-shot of all of this for you and your business is that better targeting equals more demand and better conversions.

Target Your Local Internet Marketing Campaigns As Specifically As Possible

Make sure that your Internet marketing campaign is targeted specifically to the local area in which you do business.

Search engines like Google,  allow you to target your marketing campaigns based on city, postal code, neighbourhoods … or even a specific street intersection.

This way, when you advertise your coffee shop, you can be sure that biggest percentage of people who see your marketing are within a range that would make sense for them to choose your coffee shop.

Learn To Use Your Location To Your Advantage

You can use your location to your advantage in promotions by focusing on providing consumer incentives at a hyper-local level.  So as an example, you could provide a time-sensitive coupon to consumers within a few mile radius of your business.

Other things that will allow you to use your location to your advantage:

Explicitly identify your location.

With geo-location targeting, you can also explain your location, preventing a situation where you have a customer who is interested in what your company offers, but does not want to bother looking up directions.  So you provide a map … or you could even even provide directions to your location (whether by walking, driving, or taking the bus) that make sense to the other person since you know the general area they happen to be in if they’re seeing your campaign!

Take Advantage of the Novelty Factor.

Be sure that your geo-location marketing campaign plays up the very novelty presented by the fact you’re delivering location based marketing.  Major retailers (such as Starbucks) are using programs such as Foursquare and Facebook Locations to turn location into a game.  You can invite consumers to “check in” at your location by provide incentives.  In turn, many customer will visit a specific location more frequently because you are offering status (e.g. mayor status, badges), points, or incentives based on the number of visits (e.g. free appetizer on your fifth visit).  It becomes a nifty win-win proposition for your business and your customer.

These are some powerful illustrations of what a local Internet marketing campaign can accomplish.

A Local Internet Marketing Consultant can help you determine the and implement the best strategy for your online marketing plan.