Exact Match Keyword Relevant In-Content Links

If You Want To Improve Your Website Search Engine Rankings, Exact Match Keyword Relevant In-Content Links Are Very Important

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In this article we discuss exact match keyword relevant in-content links. Contact Me Today to discuss how I can help you with your project.

If you already own and operate a web site or blog, chances are you already understand that links pointing at your website are very important.  They can help you to bring in traffic from people who see your link on a web page and click it.

Links, also known as backlinks or hyperlinks are the backbone of the Internet and serve to keep people in touch with content that may be of interest to them. The fewer links your site has pointing at it, the less likely people will find your web pages.

However, not all backlinks are created equal.  While almost all links are good for getting traffic from other web sites, there are special kinds of back links that are especially important, because search engines like Google view them as superior links.

Exact Match Keyword Relevant In-Content Links Are The Best Kind Of Link to Your Website

The links I am talking about are exact match keyword relevant in-content links and when they are implemented correctly, they literally have “super powers”.

So what exactly are these super powers?

Well, in order to understand that you first must realize that search engines like Google actually count the number of links pointing to your web pages and score the quality of these links and use that score as part of their ranking algorithm.  Each page on your website is scored individually.

Each time they see a link pointing at your web page they score it based on a number of factors, one of which is keyword relevance. If they see the right amount of relevant links with exact match keywords pointing at your page they will start to move your site up the rankings when people are searching for that “exact keyword phrase”.

Google knows that web pages having the right kind of exact keyword specific text links pointing to them is a good indication that the web page will be of interest to searchers querying their search engine using that phrase.

When they start to see more links with the same exact keyword phrase or even related keywords in the link text, they start to credit the page with being relevant to those keywords. The more relevant links they see, the better the ranking they will give the page.

That is why some pages rank above others when you search on Google for a keyword. The pages at the top are doing the right kinds of things that makes them relevant for the exact keywords being searched for.

While we don’t know all the particulars they use, or their exact scoring methods, we do know that Google favors backlinks that have the keyword in the anchor text (aka link text) and are on a page that has related, relevant content. This is considered a relevant “in content” link.

These kinds of links are much harder for webmasters to get, because the web sites and web pages the links need to be on are very difficult to create in large quantities. Therefore web pages that have these high quality relevant in-content links pointing at them are much more likely to be ranked on top of Google.

The bottom line is that it is very easy to get a top ranking when you have the right kind of links pointing at your web pages.

How To Get Exact Match Keyword Relevant In-Content Links

So how does a webmaster go about getting these high quality exact keyword relevant in content links pointing at their pages?

Well, one way is for the webmaster to build their own “feeder networks” of web sites doing all the right things. This is not easy and can take some time, although it will have a big payoff down the road. It requires buying lots of domain names, hosting them on many different web servers, building sites and growing them the right way, doing all of the right things. Most people get this wrong, so unless you are very advanced in building web sites and have time to wait, this is not an ideal option.

One of the most effective ways to get the best relevant in-content text links is to produce quality online content outside of your website, leveraging other blogs, document sharing sites, blogging networks, classified ads and video sharing sites such as YouTube. This way, you can build a set of keyword relevant links that all point back to your specific page on your website, and be in control of the quality of the links.

In some cases, it is possible to have the new content indexed and ranking within the search engines for your exact match search phrase within hours. Each link back to your website increases the authority of the web page on your website.

If you want to get a feel for how this works, search for “local Internet marketing expert Winnipeg” using the Google search engine. Pay attention to the number of times I rank and with which pages (on and off my website) for the phrase.