The Dream is Over: Original Poem by Warren

This original poem was written during the 1980-81 school year while attending the University of Winnipeg. It’s entitled The Dream is Over.

Poem Background:

This was a sonnet assignment for my creative writing class. As with a lot of stuff I was writing then, I was playing with the theme of resurrection. I wrote this one in the aftermath of John Lennon’s assassination.

The Dream is Over

by Warren Wojnowski

My eyes have seen an oh so many lies,
My body is so weary with desire,
I dare no yet begin to realize
For fear I may be bound soon to retire.
I live for that which we must all obtain
And hope the ultimate will soon abound,
While all the while the memories remain,
Which end the trend and bring us to the ground.
Rejuvenation, yet has not begun,
No longer is there need for me to pray;
I have no longer any need to run,
The sun, for now has lost its one last ray.

There is not now a sun for which to strive
The dream is over, that for which he died.