My Chalice is Empty: Original Poem By Warren

This original poem was written as part of my creative writing class during 1979-80 school year at the University of Winnipeg. It’s entitled My Chalice is Empty

Poem Background

Playing around with some resurrection themes since I had been reading the Bible from the context of it being a powerful source of imagery and ideas to bring back into my writing.

My Chalice is Empty

by Warren Wojnowski

I am afraid I may never
be able to stop the rain
nor find the power within
to bear the pain.
I may offer someone
a drink to His memory,
but in the rain cannot comply
for my chalice is empty.

I need help, but cannot weather
the storm alone,
I need help and I need direction
when the rain is gone.
May I trouble someone
to lend me just a penny
which in turn I’ll offer
to One who may save me?

As I aimlessly walk the road
I can feel a cold coming on in my soul
and I tremble, but keep walking on
though I know not where to go.
I may cry in the night for someone,
but the shepherd cannot find me
for lost beyond His help
my chalice is empty.