Random Stuff with Warren

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My name is Warren and this where
I share my random stuff .

Hey … thanks for stopping by Random Stuff with Warren.

I’m just a regular guy with a rather eclectic set of interests (or at least, so I’m told) … of course, if I’m that eclectic then maybe I’m not such a regular guy after all. Hmm …

I’m a dad, avid sports fan, Internet geek, film buff, and an occasional blogger and writer.

There’s not necessarily a hell of a lot of structure to what I post here, but topics seem to want to include:

Sports Articles

Sports … in particular the Winnipeg Jets (since I’m a Winnipeg homer), but also including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the CFL, NHL, NFL and who knows what else.

Original Creative Writing

Creative Writing … I’ve dabbled on and off since taking creative writing back in my university days … yes, even poetry. Over time, I’ll be posting most of the old stuff I wrote back in the day and perhaps some new stuff as well.

Local Internet Marketing & SEO

Website SEO … which I used to spend an awful lot of time with and was regarded as a local Internet marketing expert, but it’s a subject I’m becoming less and less interested in.

Random Stuff

Yes … quite a lot of other random stuff.

So kick back, look around, subscribe if you want to … and let’s see if anything here is of interest.